Saturday, February 6, 2016

Growing up fast!

One of my 11 year olds is an inch taller than me!! How did that happen?! Am I shrinking or is she growing? Her older twin sister (by 13 minutes) is still shorter than me and I will cherish her height as long as I can. As I glance over at them I see two beautiful girls caught between two worlds- one as a kid and as a teenager. I remember like it was yesterday my dream came true to be a mommy- when my twin girls were born. Sleepless nights, jaundice, trying to get them on the same schedule so I wasn't nursing all day/night long. Then in a blink of an eye- they were running around as toddlers dressing up like pretty princesses. MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) friends was a life savior to me!! Then my girls grew up fast at age 3 when I was on strict bed rest with my second set of twins. They both are great big sisters then and now. Homeschooling during their elementary years and many moves- I've seen them grow and change. I remember happy days- like last year when both girls were baptized and sad ones (when my mom and father in law passed away from cancer)... and these trials makes me cherish the times- I have with my kids even more. I appreciate & love our classical conversation friends in foundations and can't believe my girls are moving on to junior high (Challenge A soon)... As each stage ends I look forward to the next one with a twinge of sadness of memories left behind. Now my tween is taller than me!! She is growing up fast! I do admit I love that they help with my never ending piles of laundry & dishes. I'm extremely thankful for them being my sweet business partners~ helping others to have cute nails. They even made their own video showing how to apply wraps- so adorable- here's the link- I have watched their confidence grow by leaps and bounds and pray they will always focus on loving God & others. I'm so thankful for all 4 of my sweet blessings. Joshua has one missing tooth and loves to play baseball and soccer. Julia wants so badly to be as old as her big sisters but I'm thankful she's still little. She loves to dance snd practice her guitar. I know they are only 7 but it seemed like yesterday the older set were 7!! I'm sad that my 11 year olds aren't little girls anymore and am holding on to this roller coaster of life as we enter the tween/teenage years soon! Please pray for me!