Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saying GoodBye to Friends

Dearest Sarah, Hannah, Julia and Joshua,
Tonight you said goodbye to your best friends Emily and Abby Anderson because they are moving to New Mexico tomorrow. For the past year you have gotten really close because I babysat them every Monday and Friday. It is so cute watching you play (and sometimes fight) with your good friends. You will always have sweet memories to look back on of being 5 year olds and 1 year olds with Emily & Abby. Memories like, super girls, MOPS, playdates, playing in our backyard in the hammock at our Merribrook House and on the swingset at our new home, Oki park, swimming lessons at the YMCA, ballet when you were 4 years old, Joshua marrying "Babby" when he grows up, Emily wanting to change her last name to Snow, coloring, dress up, make up fashion shows, etc... the list can go on and on. Thank you for being such sweet children and sharing your toys. I am sad that our good friends are moving. It's hard to fathom because you are so little now that one day each of you will grow up and move away. I pray that you will put God first in all you do because friends will come and go but God is a constant best friend who will always be there for you to lean on and pray to. I love you. Always remember that Best Friends (like Emily and Abby Anderson) are truly a gift from God.

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