Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fun Chores!

Dear Snow twins, Mommy & Daddy went to a homeschool conference given by the Maxwell family. I learned a lot. Mainly to teach you God's love and an importance of daily Bible time. I bought their book about chores. All four of you love to wake up each morning and put the chore clips on. I have an older child teamed up with a younger for the bigger chores like- laundry and dishes. After you complete each chore, you move the card to the back of the clip. Right now the cards say: 1. Make Bed 2. Get dressed 3. Put pajamas away 4. Brush teeth & wipe countertop 5. Bible reading & prayer 6. Either laundry/dishes/sweep/vacuum I love you very much. I pray we will be consistent with the chore clips. So far, the last three weeks we have been except for the mornings that we had to rush to go somewhere. I am so excited for finding this system. I thank you for your willing hearts to help. I love you. Mommy

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