Friday, August 30, 2013

Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Week 1

Dear Sarah, Hannah, Julia & Joshua, This year we are homeschooling using Classical Conversations and we are so excited about it. I'm a tutor for Foundations- Journeymen class (8&9 year olds). At first I was a tad overwhelmed since I never saw a CC class before. Everything I learned in training was different than what I learned in college to be an elementary school teacher. We had our first class this week and it went well! I absolutely love being a tutor(teacher)! You are having so much fun learning all the songs, especially the Timeline song. I'm reading a diary of Eleanor from Aquitane to you. I think this will be our best year of homeschooling. I love how we start our CC day with chapel, singing praise songs to God. You also do a presentation each week. Then we went to our classes. We started our day learning memory work for all the subjects. We looked at the whiteboard and learned many songs. Then we went outside to conduct two Astronomy related Science experiments. Next, was class presentations & snack. I'm super nervous about public speaking so I'm so grateful you get a chance to speak each week while you are young! Then, we did an art lesson. Joshua & Julia's teacher for the 5 year old class said they drew very amazing, detailed lions. Good job! Last, we ended the class with review games. I had a beach ball with the subjects written on it with a permanent marker. We stood in a circle and passed the ball from person to person while the timeline music was playing. When the music stopped, I would call out left hand or right hand. Whatever subject that the ball said from where the child was holding it- is which review question I would ask. That was a fun game. Then we played another one that I made from CC connected (talk like a cowboy, etc...) After classes ended we had lunch and then recess. A few families met at the library for homeschool book club so we went also and met some new friends. You loved playing educational games on the library's computers. :) I am so proud of you and your eagerness and willingness to work hard memorizing and learning this week! I love you. Love, Mommy

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