Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love Shows Itself In Random Ways!

Dear Sarah,
Today was a busy day. I took you and Hannah to Gymnastics. Then before your choir practice I stopped at Wendy's and bought all 4 kids chicken nuggets. One of your chicken nuggets was shaped like a heart. You said, "Look, this is a heart and I am going to give it to Eli. He is who I'm going to marry and I love him." I told you that was so sweet. Then you said to Hannah that you changed your mind and was going to save your heart chicken nugget for somebody else. Hannah asked who and proceeded to name all your friends and your answer was no to all of them. Then you said that you wanted to give the heart to your Mommy because you love me and wanted to share your lunch with me since I didn't eat. You have such a sweet and giving heart. I love you sweet Sarah Grace.

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