Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Worms, Worms and Yes... More Worms!

Dear Sarah, Hannah, Joshua and Julia,
Today, while I was in another room, I heard a blood shrieking scream. My heart jumped out of my chest while I thought to myself, who could that be? I was thoroughly surprised to find out it was Julia crying with a high pitched scream because she hardly ever cries and is such an easy, happy baby. Then, I hear Sarah shouting, "MOMMY JULIA HAS WORMS ALL OVER HER!" I thought, "Worms? What is she talking about?" I ran to the living room. Sure enough, Joshua was pouring the fish food titled, "Freeze Dried Blood Worms" all over her body. She was sitting on the couch and was covered from head to toe with this nasty fish food that looked like sand from our sandbox. I then picked her up and shook the worms off her and immediately told Joshua that was a No No and he was not to pour fish food on people. Next, all on his own, he went to his crying twin sister and gave her a huge hug and held her until she stopped whimpering. Last, we put the worms back in the container and vacuumed the rest up that was on the couch. Now, I am reminded of why I didn't want a pet while having 4 children ages 5 and under. But when Daddy's work was getting rid of their fish tank, we thought it would be the perfect Easter present this year for you to remember Jesus is Alive and rose from the grave just like the fish is alive. I love you sweet children.
P.S. Today is the first day that Joshua and Julia have said their big sisters names more clearly. Hannah sounds like NaNa and Sarah is Rahrah.

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  1. SUzy- I love the blog. I too am blogging now. I just have to get started. Looks good though!