Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Fall!

Dear puppies & princesses, Tonight we went to the annual SMOM (Sacramento Mothers of Multiples) club halloween party! Joshua & Julia had so much fun pretending to be a puppy and poodle and big sisters looked absolutely stunning dressed up as their favorite: Princesses- Ariel & Cinderella! School has started. Mommy is homeschooling big sisters in 1st grade this year. We are having a lot of fun. It doesn't seem like we are "home" much even though we are homeschooling. With MOPS, gymnastics, piano lessons, sign language class, Science lab and Choir practice- we are pretty busy! Joshua & Julia try to do everything their big sisters do. Joshua is very good at coloring! His favorite color is orange. Julia loves to read (look) at books. She keeps herself entertained for hours reading many books. So I organized the books in "theme baskets". This way, when we are studying something new in school, it makes it easier to find the books we want to read. Joshua's most favorite thing right now: "choo choos". He loves Thomas the Train and will play at his train table in his room for a very long time. He even sleeps with all his trains and takes them to go potty with him! We went on a field trip to the firestation on Friday and Joshua especially loved climbing in the firetruck. All the children (except Julia did not want to) had fun spraying the water hose too. Sarah is really excelling in Math & Science! You especially like to do Science Experiments with Mrs. Ubis and with our friends, Tiffany & Alyssa. The last time they came over, we did an experiment in our front yard melting chocolate with a magnify glass (Apologia Astronomy). I could not believe that Tiffany's chocolate actually caught on fire! Hannah you really love to read and your favorite is reading chapter books like Junie B Jones. All four kids like to help mommy cook. Sarah and Hanah both made dinner ("Bar B Q Cups") for the first time! It is amazing how different God made each of you, especially boys & girls. I thank God that I am your mommy! You are truly a special gift from God. When I'm exhausted, worn out, tired, I never forget how lucky I am to have 4 sweet children.

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